Programming- We program our athletes training based on their individual needs as well as the needs of their sport. Athletes are individuals and each one has different needs so we constantly assess and re-assess them on their strengths and weaknesses in order to continually get better. We also track and record everything all exercises, weights, sets, and number of reps. This helps us manage the training so we can make adjustments when they are needed.    

Group Training- Everyone here trains in a group where we all push each other and compete with each other. We do not believe in 1-on-1 training sessions. We are a team and we all make each other better. Athletes work harder and risk more when they are part of a team.

Injury Prevention- We probably work more on injury prevention than any other aspect of training. While it is impossible to completely eliminate injuries many can be prevented. We do this by improving sport specific flexibility, eliminating imbalances, and by utilizing special exercises that condition the joints, ligaments, and tendons which are often overlooked.

Speed Training- We use many special exercises and strategies to increase speed. Every athlete benefits from getting faster and because we are constantly testing our athletes and keeping records we make sure they are actually getting faster every day.

Conditioning- Our athletes are always ready to compete. We program sport specific conditioning throughout the year so that our athletes stay in shape and don’t get overworked when the season comes around.