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Greatly Improve Speed, Explosive Strength, and Athletic Performance all while Dramatically Reducing Your Chance of Injury.

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Max McCutcheon, University of Guelph Hockey:

"Love this place, and Dan. Dan is a great guy that looks at you individually and examines your strengths, weaknesses and goals to develop a system that allows you to succeed in sports or whatever your goal is. Great group of hard working individuals that promotes strengthening your body and mind. In 6 months I have seen incredible improvements in strength, speed and conditioning. As a college hockey player working out with Dan has greatly improved my on ice performance and will allow me to reach the next level on the ice..... be ready to work your tail off but it’s worth it in the end. Thanks Dan!" - Max McCutcheon


If you want to discover what it REALLY takes to to get strong faster, become super explosive, and build the type of speed that leaves your competitors in the dust, then this training may be for you.

Stop wasting your precious time with useless agility drills and endless conditioning that will never make you the explosive athlete that you NEED to be.

Learn the SECRETS of building explosive power, how to generate force in athletic movements, and how to properly implement conditioning for optimal sport performance.

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Boo Anderson, Douglas County HS Football:

“Bakers Performance Systems is a great place to train. I added 80+ pounds to my deadlift in just two months of training. I have also gained a lot of speed and shaved .2 seconds off of my 40 yd dash time. Overall great place to gain strength, speed, and endurance. My only regret is that I didn't go to Dan earlier." - Boo Anderson