"I've only been working out with Dan for about a month and he's already changed my life. I've leaned so much about nutrition and how to fuel my body. Dan Baker is a genius!" -Sara l.

"I've been working out for 6 weeks and can't believe the change in my body, mind and spirit. Love it" -Lorann S.

"Dan has high character and work ethic and that influences his students. Whatever your sport, Dan will help your athlete reach their goals." -Cary g.

"Looked for years for a gym where I could train the powerlifts without the commercial gym nonsense. A place where I wouldn't have to share with half squaters and bicep curlbros. That place is Baker's Performance Systems. Multiple squat racks, benches, dumbbells, and even turf space. A must have for anyone looking to get bigger, faster, and stronger." - Mike A. 

"Dan is a one of kind person that you rarely find anymore when it comes to athletic training. His sport specific training techniques will help any athlete reach and out perform others at the next level. Dan is a huge asset and advantage to have, and I recommend any athlete at any level in Colorado to reach out to him. It will not be regretted. Even the environment of being around other college and professional athletes is a one of a kind experience. You are able to soak in a lot of wisdom and knowledge from others on just how to compete and succeed mentally at the next level as well. This is where you come to evolve into an elite athlete!" - Josh S. 

"Dan, your system is awesome! We appreciate all the hard work and dedication to the folks you work with, especially Boo. What you did for him over the summer was AWESOME!!!! Are only regret is we did not find you earlier in his career. You helped him get ready for college football. Thanks." - Libby & John A.

“I've been going to Dan's consistently for about 2 months now and the changes I've already seen are seriously unbelievable. Dan is so good at finding out what each individual person's weaknesses are and what that person needs to do to improve his/her performance. He immediately noticed how weak my lower back/hips were compared to the rest of my body, and gave me exercises to do to target the exact muscle groups I needed most. Not only have I already seen major PRs in MULTIPLE lifts since I started training with Dan's philosophy, but I also feel and look stronger, and I've never had so much fun challenging myself! If you're someone who has plateaued on your lifts or if you want to get stronger.. if you're healing from an injury or simply want to be a little bit better at those everyday tasks like starting your lawn mower or picking boxes up off the floor.. then Baker's is the place for you!” - Kelsey Clark 

This was one of the best boot camps I have ever been to. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and patient. I highly recommend this facility it's even worth the drive from Broomfield. - Lynette Morin